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It has been a while. All by myself. Retreat with my soul | Day 1

Maybe you know what I’m talking about. You have so many things going on – and you just need space. Where to go, what to do, where to focus….. You need to know HOW.

As we know – when we get overwhelmed with too many things at the same time, we feel stressed. And stress – as 2000 years ago – reduces us to survival mode. We still live… but we don’t have any connection to our true self. But – nowhere else will you find the answer to the HOW but deep inside yourself.

It was not easy – but I decided to take a break. I decided to reconnect with my soul. To have a retreat with my soul.

The place for this retreat can be where you are living – an intentional decision to let go of any expectations from the outside – to refocus – to reconnect. With YOU.

I will be gone for 1 week – and I invite you to join me on this journey. In my blog I will 1) share with you how I spend my day – and 2) what I do to reconnect.

This Retreat is about protecting the soul and strengthening the intuition – to understand HOW you can continue your path to be your own self.

Let’s start with DAY 1:

Day 1 starts way before the actual day has come. This is when you decide to have this retreat. It’s the decision – YES – I have to do something. It’s the awareness that you have to create a change.

Day 1 started for me about 4 weeks ago. I embraced the idea of this “retreat” – without having the answer how to realize it. I felt it. And with this I created space in one of the shelves in my brain. I created the space for it. And step by step I saw how I could do it. All the years it was clear that I had to be with the family on every vacation. But now – the kids are much older now – why shouldn’t I change this? I didn’t ask for it – I just informed my family that I would take a break. How can you support others if you can’t focus to see the path for yourself? You are worth it. Spring break would be the time for my retreat.

I drove Up North – rented a small cabin – and here I am.

That is how I spent my day – just getting my things together – letting go of any expectation from the outside – and got to this place.

Now – what did I do today to reconnect?

  1. Journal – a very important support. For your brain it doesn’t matter if there is a real person you share your thoughts with. You may go into the woods and talk to a tree – or you may use a composition book and share your thoughts in this way. Let go of any feeling, any idea, any limitation. And start dreaming again. Each day start a page – on top of the page you want write FOCUS – and start creating a list of all the things that are really important to you… it doesn’t matter how unrealistic it is – just get started. This technique helps you to let go of the limitation stress created in your brain. Because – we are the ones who are creating these limitations. Not others. Or we may accept these limitations. YOU are in charge of your thoughts, feelings and behaviors – never forget this!

  2. Just find your “happy place”. If you love the nature – go out and find maybe a park. Or a small lake. Or just a pond. Close your eyes for a second and ask yourself the question: Where do I feel good. The first thought that comes to your mind might be your happy place. A place you feel energized. A place you can be your true self. If you know what I’m talking about – just go there – take some time – and just breathe. Be in the moment and feel yourself … with both feet on the ground – grounded. Your souls (!!!) are grounded on the earth. Just breathe.

  3. Take the Talent Theme description of your CliftonStrengths Top 5 Talent Themes and reflect on them with the question : How can my Top 5 be supportive to get the best out of this retreat. Which facet of the Top 5 can make the difference. Maybe you won’t see the answer immediately – that is fine! Just relax and remind yourself to ask yourself this question the next day again. You will find the answer. Just breathe – and celebrate yourself that you started this! A Retreat with your soul.

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