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Ready to tackle more serious topics today. Retreat with my soul | Day 3

After a great rest – with more than 9 hours sleep – a new day was waiting to be filled with memories and action. And Snoopy was waiting, too. :-) We took off for a nice run along the beach. A light breakfast – with water, cereals and OJ and here I was.

Ready to tackle more serious topics today.

Retreat means consciously taking a step back. To withdraw yourself from the place you are supposed to be. But it’s not meant to be to hide in the woods and never come back. And it’s not meant to be to just having fun time. There is a goal you want to set and achieve. If not – you’ll come back and nothing will change. What is the reason for your needs to withdraw? Maybe to clear your mind and get more insights in what happened? Maybe to prepare yourself for important decisions? Maybe ????? You know exactly why you want to do it.

My dad’s passing last year on the 4th of July opened up a complete new way of seeing myself. Finally I can see myself as the woman I really am. Finally I can see and treasure my uniqueness in a way I never was capable of. Sure – I’m still the Nicole I used to be – but I added a new facet to the many others I was used to use and show. For a big part – to protect my sensitive soul – I had a big protection shield around my heart. And I decided that in order to be my best self – for myself and others – I needed to remove this shield. I’m confident – I won’t need it anymore. Because I learned how to set boundaries. I am unique. I have my beauty and my flaws. And I love every single thing about me. I’m a good person. Don’t mix it up with Arrogance. I will continue to become a better version of myself every single day. No – what I mean is that the love I get from people around me who see and appreciate my unique personality is enough. I lost the need to please everyone. I’m free! Finally I’m free to be who God made me to be. But this comes with a even bigger confidence to claim what I need to fill my buckets and my CliftonStrengths Talent Themes. I can see so clear what was missing. And I won’t take no as an answer anymore. I dare to dream. Of a life full of Love, Recognition, Appreciation and Feelings. I’m worth it.

You can’t change the system and the people around you! It’s just you whom you can change! And the system has to adjust. I will use this Retreat with my soul to understand how I can make the system understand and accept my new level of self awareness and my needs. This is my goal. Ideation is #20 in my CliftonStrengths – it won’t happen in a second. But by using my dominant themes – and asking the question “How can I use this wonderful combination of talents to get closer to my goal” I will come up with a strategy. And I got some steps done today. Baby steps.. but I’m closer to the goal.

And with that let’s sum up what I did today to reconnect with my soul:

  1. Enough sleep – this is crucial to be your best self. At least 6, even better 8 hours of sleep, should be in it for you. Give your body the time to rest and recover!

  2. Nutrition – light food is another topic to consider. Fat, heavy and lots of food gives your body a challenge you really should avoid. Vegetable, Fruit, Smoothies, Tea, lots of water, Fish and lean meat. The more you consider this – the better results you can get for this important time in your life!

  3. Meditation and Mudra cards

  4. Move your body and brain – go out for a walk!

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