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Everything is connected. Retreat with my soul | Day 4

Yesterday it started to rain – really heavy. And the whole night I could hear the raindrops hitting the roof of my cabin. This morning the sun was still hiding behind heavy clouds…. but Snoopy wanted to see Lake Michigan. And I’m here to have my retreat – not a vacation. I started my routine, jumped into my running gear and headed towards the beach. A lake, a river ….. just water. Water calms me down, refreshes my mind.

My routine continued after a nice shower and a light breakfast. 15 minutes of meditation and conscious breathing before I opened my laptop to work on my baby. At least for some hours before I would move on reading a book.

Everything is connected. Tears and laughter, peaks and valleys, sun and rain. Before it’s starting to rain there is a time the sky is preparing to have the clouds ready – and after a heavy rain it takes a while until the clouds are gone and the sun can warm our hearts and bodies.

Same it is in our lives. Never ever will you experience a challenge you couldn’t see coming. If you are honest! Small actions and signs are showing up – first little hints – becoming more and more powerful. It’s even something you can feel. There is something going on, something is not right. But – we human beings – we try to ignore these signs. We don’t want or we can’t see the connections. Because if we would see the connections, maybe we needed to act on it?

I know what I’m talking about. I’m grateful for every single challenge I have been presented with. Even the challenge I’m facing now. I saw it coming! Long ago. But I was not ready to act on it. So I pushed the pain and reality away and continued my life as I did it over the last decades. Until November last year. I just couldn’t ignore my soul anymore. The voice got louder and louder : Help me. Do something. You are ready!

And yes – I was ready. Because I had the tool to understand what happened over the last decades, the tool to understand that I had to act on it and the tool to know what to do to move on. CliftonStrengths. This tool helped me to uncover what I was trying to ignore for so many years. The knowledge of myself and the awareness of what I need to be my best self made me courageous as I have never been in my life!

I was chasing people to love me. To show me that I matter to them. With recognition and appreciation. But nothing happened. Because they were used to treat me in a certain way. “Why should we give appreciation – she is strong enough.”

Finally I could see that I was investing over and over again – and got nothing in return. No one filled my buckets. Not the people closest to me. I was so ready.

I made a decision – I’m worth it! I’m worth it to be loved, to be cherished, to be adored, to be treasured. To make this decision was the biggest challenge. Because with this conscious decision – everything was different. Everything would be different. And the system I was used to live in would change. I knew it. But I was ready for it!

Everything is connected. Your actions today create your future. And I’m ready to create a future full of love, recognition, appreciation and HOPE.

Today I share this with you – to help you to become strong enough to see the connections in your life. And act on it. If you are happy with what you have – GREAT. If not – get started and learn to understand how to get strong enough to make a change. Life is too short to wait! What can happen? YOU MIGHT FIND YOURSELF! Baby steps – but even Baby steps make you feel alive!!!

And with that let’s sum up what I did today to reconnect with my soul:

  1. The Journal – over and over again – remind yourself why you are where you are and where you want to get to. Focus. Don’t get distracted. What is is you are dreaming of. Write it over and over again in your Journal. Imagine how it would feel like if you have reached your goal? Feel the joy, the happiness, the love for yourself, your power.

  2. Meditation – Mudra cards – Music. Listen to a song over and over again – like a Mantra.

  3. Mindfulness – be in the moment – feel yourself – love yourself – embrace yourself – give yourself a hug.

  4. Conscious breathing – reconnect with yourself and the power within you.

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