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Don’t take anything for granted. Retreat with my soul | Day 5

Another great night. Lots of sleep. And even if the sun was protected by some clouds – it was another great morning. As always I started my day with gratitude for who I am and what I have. Don’t take anything for granted. Everything you have is a gift and the more you can see and appreciate it, the more calmness you will feel. Because you already have it – why always living in the future and in the dreams. Be in the here and now and the world is a different one for you.

The beach was deserted. The sound of the waves hitting the beach soothed my soul. Snoopy had his fun chasing seagulls – he is still convinced that he is fast enough to get them…. one can dream :-)

Again – there was a feather on the beach. A gift one of the seagulls left for me. Beautiful, precious, unique and exquisite. But – the next moment nothing was as it used to be. A wave captured the feather and took her into the deeper water. All of her preciousness and beauty was gone. She was no longer in the shape she is supposed to be.

Same happens with us…. maybe not in an instant – but the result is the same.

We have everything in us to be the perfect human being God meant us to be. We have our unique talents and skill sets. They are the gifts we have been given from the day we have been born. Are you aware of your talents and skills? Do you know what makes you unique – how different you are? Have you ever appreciated your unique power and strength?

Maybe because no one ever told you: “You are perfect for who you are and you have to treasure your uniqueness because this is how you will have the best life you can have and this is how you will have the chance to make this world a better place!”

The moment we are born, we are linked with a system. A system of imperfect human beings. There is no perfect version out there. And that is something we have to remind ourselves with – over and over again! How can someone else – imperfect as we all are – judge you and say what you are supposed to do and what not? All these nice recommendations and suggestions are summing up – and you are different than the beautiful person you are supposed to be. Like the feather – stuck, bound, paralyzed, unable to move, dependent on others.

But don’t waste your time blaming others – instead refocus – on yourself. Right now and today.

What are your dreams. What do you love? What do you want? What idea would be worth it for you to start over again. What would you do to have for one hour the love of your life? What would you do if there would not be one limitation in your life. Dare to dream. Create your reality. Start with yourself. Who are you?

I was stuck, too. I was paralyzed – and now I know that I accepted others to set the boundaries. It’s all about YOU. And nothing else.

What did I do? I used – among all the other techniques I shared with you in my previous blogs – my unique combination of talents. And every day I wake up ,I include the question :”How can I use my Talent Themes to get my things done, achieve my goals and have an impact in this world?” to my routine.

Maybe CliftonStrengths could be a tool you want to work with. This is the most powerful tool to create for yourself the comfort zone you need to live your life to the full.

And with that let’s sum up what I did today to reconnect with my soul:

  1. I reflected on my dominant CliftonStrengths Talent Themes. How can each one of them support me to realize my dreams. Yes plural – I have lots of dreams.

  2. Meditation and breathing – 15 minutes to create space.

  3. Journal – again – what are my goals, what are my dreams. Repeat it over and over again – and your dreams and goals will become natural – and reality.

  4. Music – I use to listen to one song over and over again – like a mantra.

  5. Move your body and mind – go out for a walk and practice mindfulness – where do you put your foot – what do you see – what do you feel – what do you smell.

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