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What can I do today to be the best self I can be? Retreat with my soul | Day 7

After 3 clouded mornings the sky opened up. The sun was the alarm I got up with this morning. And sure did I hit the beach again. As usually Snoopy tried to find something to eat – and I could enjoy the sunny beach. The same beach – and always different! The sand, the waves, the sky, the seagulls, the shells… beautiful to enjoy the variety the nature has to dress up with.

And may I share a secret with you – for us it’s the same. We are just missing the courage to accept it. Maybe it’s just the fact that every morning you have to ask yourself the question: What can I do today to be the best self I can be? It can be easy – by understanding and strengthening what makes you unique.

I got back to my cabin. After a shower, a light breakfast and meditation I opened my laptop and continued my journey. My RETREAT WITH MY SOUL.

NO STOP. BREATHING. Close your eyes for a second – take a deep breath into your nose, count one – and let the breath leave your body at 1 – with the mantra “Let go”. Take another breath into your nose – count 2 – and “let go” with 2. Another breath into your nose – count 3 – and “let go” with 3…. Keep going until 10.

Yes – you are in charge of your life. Just remind yourself to set the pace – don’t allow others to arrange your life!

Let’s continue the blog from yesterday. Remember: Reflect on what happened in the past using your CliftonStrengths dominant Signature Themes and use these insights for the next weeks, months, years ahead of you.

Yesterday we covered the Talent Themes I was confidently using. Now – let’s move to Developer and Empathy.

Today – reflecting on them – I’m pretty sure that I didn’t use them in the most effective way. Maybe they have been in the raw state – or in the basement! As for Developer – I’m pretty sure that I overused it. Developer is my # 7 of my CliftonStrengths Talent Themes. The definition says: People exceptionally talented in the Developer Theme recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They spot the sign of small improvement and derive satisfaction from evidence of progress. I’m pretty sure that my hope for improvement in others – people close to me – pushed me too much. And with that I tried to convince the people around me to change. People in my family. Deepest basement.

I don’t have control over others. I can inspire and motivate – and cultivate potential. But it’s not my job to change people. This is what I know today. But in combination with Empathy – basement here, too.. if you get too close…. it can be tricky. You feel bad because you can see these people are not at their best and they need to change… and you start to do more and more and more…. until your energy is gone and the other one is still in the place he was before – or maybe worse.

My self awareness is so much better now – and “I let go”. This is my most powerful mantra. “Let go”. Focus on things you can change – but don’t confuse your desire for a better world with your desire that you have to change the whole world. The only person you can change is YOU. It took me a while – but I got it now. What am I doing differently now? I set boundaries. It’s not up to me to change the world or safe relationships. Today I appreciate the independency of others but expect others to accept my independency, too.

I’m not perfect – and I will never be. But my self awareness has grown a lot. With this experience and with showing my vulnerability and my honest imperfect true self I may inspire you to join me. Because I experienced that with every single word about my vulnerability I become stronger and stronger. I love my new identity – because this identity is real. I am who I am and I love myself for every single facet I have. That doesn’t mean I can see flaws I want to work on. But I don’t loose energy for presenting the world someone who is not me. The more you try to show that you are perfect the more fake you become.

My goal is that the movie trailer of myself will match the full movie you experience once you meet me. In my professional life and in my personal life. This blog is a part of it.

With that let’s sum up what I did to reconnect with my soul:

  1. Continue my routine – early up and out and move your body.

  2. Meditation – reflect and reconnect with your true self – dare to dream.

  3. Breathing – and my mantra “let go”

  4. Journal – over and over again – remind yourself where your focus is.

  5. Organize your day around the things you want to get done.

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