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How can YOU make a difference?

How YOU can make a difference!

I just found an interesting article on NBC News. The article starts with:

"As a working professional, your personal wellness is in your best interest — for reasons beyond the obvious. Healthy employees are happier, more motivated and less costly (due to decreased health insurance costs and less absenteeism — in fact, workplace illnesses and injuries cost US businesses more than $225 billion every year)" How to Make Your Workplace Healthier and More Productive – Aug.03.2017 via NBC News

Some organizations have the budget to support the health and personal development of their employees. Some not. So - for some of you it's easier to get started than for others. One way or the other - there is no excuse for you to not get started at all!

Healthy, happy, motivated - but how?

"You are Your Universe!" - In the last blog, I shared with you the idea that it's time to create a new system. A system, in which each one of us should use the own brilliant human uniqueness. That is what we are here for.

Now - how can you do this? What are simple things to get started?

  1. Embrace the fact that you are unique and that you will be happier and healthier by applying the language of strengths in your life. In my next blog I'll introduce you to ENJOY - the process I created to live a life with less Stress and Burnout.

  2. Start to question your routines - if you have them. You may think that you have no choice than to continue doing what you are doing - but that is not true. You are the person in charge to stop the hamster wheel. It's all about YOU!

  3. If you don't have fixed routines - start them. They will support you to accomplish your goals. Intentionally start your day - instead of checking your emails - include a meditation. Keep a good book at your bedside and read for 5 minutes. Practice conscious breathing. Drink a glass of water before breakfast. Include breakfast to start your day.... I'll share more of this in one of my next blogs.

  4. After you got to your desk at work - before anything else - pause for a moment and question yourself what this day should be like.

  5. Stop blaming others to improve your life. If you are not happy - it's up to you to change it. Accept the fact that it's not your job to change others - to control others - to focus on others. Your only job is to carry the responsibility to do whatever you can to live a happy and healthy life.

What are you waiting for? Get started!

I'll share more with you in my next blog!

All the best,


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