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How can YOU avoid STRESS?

How YOU can make a difference!

" As you read this book you feel like you are having a conversation with Nicole. Focused on empowerment, acceptance and implementation of strengths this book is a great reminder of getting your life in alignment with your strengths. If you ever experienced burnout in the past and don't want to go through that again I highly recommend ENJOY".

This is a recommendation I got from one of the readers of my book.

And - as promised in my last blog - let me share more about "ENJOY" with you.

Why did I write ENJOY?

Short answer: To help you avoid STRESS.

Long answer:

Employees feel overwhelmed, stressed and not recognized. Very few of you are really engaged. Most of you do what you do because you need a paycheck at the end of the month to support your family. Or you have to pay off the credit card for your car or the house you are living in. But how many of you love the work you do every day and actually are able to do what you do best every day?

The result of all of this? You are far away from your "comfort zone". You are overusing talents you never had or you never had the chance to develop them. You feel uncomfortable and you are not really confident in what you are doing. And because there is no real leader in your organization your life more and more gets out of your hands. But what can you do?

ENJOY could be a way for you to make changes. It is so simple and easy - if you know how! ENJOY is a process I created to live a life with less Stress and Burnout. ENJOY empowers you to be the person to stop the hamster wheel. It's all about YOU! As mentioned in the Amazon review, you can live a different life if you learn to align your given talents with your life.

E = Embrace who you are - understand more of who you are with CliftonStrengths

N = Nurture what you have - understand how to use your talents to avoid Stress and Burnout

J = Jump and get started to create a plan to live your life to the full

O = Optimize your system - and include food, sleep and time management in your daily routines

Y = It's all about YOU. Understand who you are and adjust your system - use mindfulness and breath work

Did I get your attention? In my next blog I'll share more details with you .

You can start right away by downloading my ebook or ordering it. If not - stay tuned!

All the best,


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