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Did you accomplish your goals?

November 1st, 2017!

What kind of goals did you have for 2017? What could you realize in the past 10 months?

Disappointed, because there are still a couple points to check off the list?

Well - sometimes it's not because you didn't want to do something, say something, change something - but because you got distracted. And maybe because you used to follow a plan which was not exactly your own plan - based on your talents and needs.

But - what IS your plan? How did you define your plan until today? How did you come up with what your plan should include or not?

There are many ways to define a plan with goals for the year - but there are just a few really getting you to the goal! And the goal is? Right - you being able to accomplish what you are wishing / looking for.

Coming back from my trip to Germany last week, I realized I got distracted, too. Which is fine. We are no robots - we are human beings. Still - I was frustrated. But - frustration means wasting time in an emotional unproductive state.

I made a decision. Why not starting a weekly blog series - with you! I will introduce you to "The ENJOY Process", walk with you step by step, and show you how I "live my book". Side effect will be, I'm back on track - and - you can see how easy it is to ENJOY life!

Are you ready?

Remember - ENJOY:

E=Embrace who you are - get a deep understanding of your TOP5 Clifton Strengths Talent Themes; N=Nurture what you have - understand how you can use your TOP 5 Clifton Strengths Talent Themes; J=Jump - create YOUR plan to accomplish your goals; O=Optimize what you body needs to support you as best as possible - optimize Sleep, Time, and Nutrition; Y=YOU - it's all about YOU. It's your responsibility to create the life you are designed to live. Include mindfulness and breath work and never stop reflecting and listening to yourself. You know what you need to be happy - give yourself the opportunity to listen. Because in order to know what is good for you, you need to be connected with yourself!

Every Wednesday until x-mas I will publish a blog post.

Get started and take your Clifton Strengths Report. What are your TOP5? If you want to be able to live your life, you need to live your TOP5.

All the best,


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