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Accomplish your goals with ENJOY and your PLAN

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017.

Let’s get started. Slow and step by step.

Working with my clients, I observed one thing. The biggest challenge they usually face on their journey to accomplish their goals is – they don’t get distracted by the number of things they have on their plate. They get distracted by the fact that they loose track of the things on their list and add additional tasks. And – all of a sudden they feel stressed because they realize it’s too much.

Now – the most important thing you have to do –before anything else - get reconnected with your own self. The most effective way to do this is through breath work and meditation. I highly recommend you to install one App on your phone: “Insight Timer”. This App is free and offers a huge variety of guided meditations – as well as just a timer for Walking, Breathing, Yoga, Tai Chi or other kinds of Meditations. Create your account, connect with other people in your area, become inspired by this community.

Meditation is a great way to reconnect with your own self – and listen to your own voice. This is crucial for your plan to accomplish your goals. It will keep you grounded and remind you to stay on track. Another advantage is the fact that Meditation can be a reset for your brain – giving you the the chance to start all over.

As for now – close your eyes for a moment – how many minutes a day do you want to dedicate to Meditation? Start slow – just 5 minutes, maybe? With your commitment to start a Meditation, you stopped at the same time the Hamster wheel you are used to run in. If you decide PRO Meditation, you decide CONTRA everything else – in that moment.

The APP offers as well an option to remind you to start your Meditation daily – if you don’t want to use this option – think of a way that will support you to be reminded.

Start right now – wherever you are – STOP and START to listen. (Of course, if you are driving a car – you should pull over and find a place where you can keep yourself and others safe).

A Meditation a day will push your chaos away.

Meditation will help you to prioritize – getting rid of things you don’t need, not accepting every task others expect you to do, including your own needs in the first place.

Next Wednesday I will introduce you to your next possible step to become the person who you really are!

All the best,


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