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Get on a Date! With Yourself!

Good morning! How are you? How was your last week? Did you miss the update last week? Don't worry - there was no update last week - I had to skip. But now - I'm back.

Avoid stress - ENJOY success.

This is a journey - a journey of personal development. The key of your personal development is: Learn how you can apply your greatest talents and strengths in your everyday life - and by doing this avoid stress - instead of stress you'll be living a healthy and fulfilling life.

The beginning of this journey was you reading my blog, downloading the "Secret Contract" and the "PLAN" and continues today as we dive into creating the solid self awareness you need to accomplish your goals.

Your goal this week: get on a date with yourself. Get to know yourself. Sharpen the awareness and see the genius you have to offer.

But - before you start - take a moment, close your eyes and just breathe! In through your nose and out through your nose - 10 times. Let go of any distraction and task - just focus to be in the here and now.

Having the "Clifton Strengths Discovery Cards" (you can order them in the Gallup store) would be beneficial - but you can certainly start this process without them. Gallup is offering for free the Talent Theme Companion Guides - just visit the website "", navigate to "Theme Thursday", scroll down to "Season 2 Companion Guides" - a great point to start. And of course, the first and most important source for you is your Clifton Strengths report. The report is always available for you - if you have a computer and Wi-Fi, just go to "", and log in to see your different reports.

For today it is enough to start with the "Signature Theme Report". If you followed my instructions, the names of your Top 5 Talent Themes should be written on your "PLAN".

Now - go one step further! The PLAN needs input. Read through your report - one Talent Theme at a time. What is resonating with you if you ask yourself the questions: "Which sentence describes me? What is special about me? Yes, that's me! " Highlight these sentences - take your time - one Talent Theme at a time. This is the input you need right now for your PLAN. And - you don't need 10 sentences - take the 3 most important and write them on the sheet. They will help you to get started. And - complete this part of your PLAN reflecting how these statements about yourself supported you in the past to be successful! When did you have a huge success in your past by applying these statements?

It can take you a while to complete this task for every talent theme! But that is o.k. Again! Take your time! The phrases resonating with you are important information you can collect to know more about yourself. These are your talents - and by simply becoming aware of them - and repeating them over and over again - you'll develop them to become strengths you can count on. Just be patient - we are walking small steps to make sure you are not missing anything and that true personal development can happen for you!

Great job - you are on your way. If you are done with this job, you completed the first part of the "E" step of the "ENJOY"process.

We are together on this journey! I'm here for you! If you have question - just send me an email to or come to see me during one of our StrengthsFinder Meetups (just go to the Meetup page and search for "Michigan Strengths Network") I'm organizing once a month in Ferndale/Michigan.

That is all for now. We will continue next week. In the meantime, continue meditation every day.

All the best,


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