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MERRY CHRISTMAS - and keep going! ENJOY

December 2017. X-mas is around the corner. A time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ brought hope!

And - celebrating this is not enough. I think this time of the year is a reminder to reflect on what we are here for and how much we got done in the past year to accomplish this goal! "What space do you want to own!" "What do you want to be known for?" As a human being, as an employee, as an employer, as a co-worker! What impact do you want to make. With the current knowledge about yourself and the people, you are working with, how far will you get in 2018? Everyone needs a coach, a mentor, guidance for personal development. Who is there for you? "What space do you want to own?" Take 2018 to get clarity on this question! Make 2018 to be YOUR year of personal transformation! Because by becoming who you really are, you are fulfilling what you are here for! Every single life has a purpose. What is your purpose?

This being said - let's continue our journey. Because ENJOY will help you a lot defining who you are and understand more what your purpose is!

Last week we completed the step "E" of the ENJOY process - that mean we can move on to get to the next step. "N" - Nurture.

The ENJOY process is my creation to help you avoid Stress and Burnout by creating a solid and strong self confidence and self awareness. Many times we get stressed because we have no or just little self awareness or ourselves. Knowing more about ourselves is one simple way to avoid stress. This is why I named the second step in this process "N" - Nurture. Understand and support every single facet of yourself - treasure and nurture your soul.

Again - take the list of your Top 5 Talent Themes in front of you and the PLAN. You learned a little bit about your Talent Themes. What is something this Talent Theme hungers for? What is something this Talent Theme does not like. What is something this Talent needs. What is something this Talent supports you to do?

Take the time and reflect. When was a time this Talent Theme helped you to be successful? Read the statements in your signature theme report and try to find situations in which you found yourself doing, feeling and behaving like it is explained in your report. Maybe yesterday or last week. What exactly happened? Write it down.

Let's take the example of Arranger. Arranger supports you to orchestra many things at the same time, it supports you to get order to chaos and to be flexible. Now - if all of this is not possible - let's say, you have no chaos to arrange, nothing to organize or if you can not conduct - you get stressed! Simple as that. Or maybe if you are overusing your Talent Theme - you will get stressed, too!

As for today - just continue this exercise for each one of your top 5 - or if you have them, your dominant Talent Themes. Ask yourself the question - how was this Talent Theme stressed. You may think about today, the last week, the last month, a certain situation. We'll continue in my next blog.

Again - we are together on this journey! I'm here for you! If you have question - just send me an email to or come to see me during one of our StrengthsFinder Meetups (just go to the Meetup page and search for "Michigan Strengths Network") I'm organizing once a month in Ferndale/Michigan.

For now have a great holiday time and ENJOY the season.

All the best,


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