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First night in an unfamiliar bed. Retreat with my soul | Day 2

Before Day 2 started – I spend the first night in a unfamiliar bed. The fresh air made me fall asleep immediately and the last thing I remember is that I felt a deep gratitude – for who I am and for what I have the opportunity to experience. Even being challenged – there are always more positive than negative things – if you are open for them!

I got up short after the sunrise. In order to come up with the plan how I could get the most out of my day, I took my chocolate Labrador Snoopy and headed towards the beach. It usually just helps to move your body and create momentum – and your brain comes along. Being stuck is not a bad thing. But it will become heavy if you would allow this to continue. Just go for a walk, take your running shoes and exercise – inspire your creativity.

The fresh air and the empty beach filled my bucket. Connectedness is my #2 of the CliftonStrengths Talent Themes. Being connected with the nature and the water is my way to reconnect. To feel alive. To remind myself that we are all just a small part of the bigger picture. And it helps me to see ways how I can invest myself in the most efficient way.

Again – everywhere – CliftonStrengths is an amazing tool to remind yourself of your own beauty. I mean the inner beauty. A boost for the self confidence – and the mission you want to accomplish. A great way to start every day of your life. Part of your daily routine.

How can you become a better version of yourself – every day?

After I attended a church service in an old church ( over 140 years old) in Muskegon, it was time to get started with one of the topics I have on my to do list for this week. Yes – one of the topics. I have several of them. My # 6 of the CliftonStrengths, Adaptability, needs to be fed with several activities. That is how I am the most effective.

I have a couple of books to read, old journals to reflect on, my book to polish up and of course some meditation cards to work with. How not can I do all of this – I try to inspire my clients to work with these kind of tools, too. I know why I suggest it.

About 3 hours I dedicated to my baby. My book. My dream. My future. Even if being patient is not one of my talents – if you have a goal and you know what you are working for… everything is possible.

I got this done, wrote this post for my blog – and changed to the next topic… a nice book I was inspired to read by a dear friend.

Now – let me finish this post with what I did to reconnect with my soul?

  1. Move your brain and body – go for a walk – bring movement to your thoughts. Create the space that may allow you to see new opportunities and possibilities ! Intentionally ! OR your thoughts are guiding you OR you are the one in charge.

  2. Journal – check in what you want to accomplish – you may want to update the list you started. But be nice with yourself. Important is not the pace you are walking – but the fact that you are walking.

  3. Turn on the music – YouTube, your iPod, the radio – and start to relax – meditate. I was a great quote – To pray means to talk to God – to meditate means to talk with God. Organize your thoughts and feelings. Let go. Move your brain.

  4. At the end of my meditation I love to use Mudra – Pocket – Cards. Just one thought you can focus on – but not just with your thoughts – but mirroring them with your hands…. A wonderful exercise!

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