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We are missing Empathy and Developer. Retreat with my soul | Day 6

The last night was great – I could not stop writing and working because it was so much fun :-) I turned off the lights around midnight… but nevertheless – I got out of bed around 7:30 a.m. I’m here on a mission … not vacation.

While I was preparing for this RETREAT, I learned that there will be rain Up North. My gumboots had been the first thing in the car. And today I needed them. I had almost as much fun as Snoopy… along the beach… the puddles… at once I felt like 10 years again. Just being in this moment – breathing, enjoying the heavy wind and rain in the face… it was wonderful. I was living a dream. My dream. And you know what – even better – because I was living my life. Mind blowing.

I’m almost done with my book. ENJOY – Strengths Based Stress and Burnout Prevention – will be published in June and one of the tasks on my small to do list this week was to get the manuscript for my book ready. Like really ready! This will be today. I’ll send the PDF to my editor – to have it ready by June 21st. The English version. With the retranslation into German I started already yesterday. Maximizer talking – I’m not satisfied to get the book published just in English – but as well in German. My mother language. That is a huge goal – but I’m ready for it.

Besides my book, this week is a RETREAT WITH MY SOUL. And these days I tried to keep my brain in check but wanted to give my intuition the opportunity to talk. For the daily schedule, for the food, for my rhythm… Walking the dog in the morning with the sound of the waves and the wind – I was feeling a calmness and the space to listen – to my soul …. what was it I wanted to focus on today? And the inner voice was loud and clear.

Reflect on what happened in the past using your CliftonStrengths dominant Signature Themes and use these insights for the next weeks, months, years ahead of you.

Wow – that was a clear task… and I was ready!

My top 10 are Empathy, Connectedness, Maximizer, Learner, Positivity, Adaptability, Developer, Activator, Belief and Woo.

Development happens when you know how to apply your talents in a way that you can benefit and the world around you, too. Stress happens if you are not using your talents at all or if you are overusing them and if you are loosing contact to who you are and what you are supposed to do.

I can see each one of my talents showing up over the last decade and even earlier. What helped me to survive and become the person I am today is the fact that my shining start, Positivity was the bank I could count on. To motivate myself and others – even in dark moments – I was always there. The Learner with a huge curiosity was a great supporter, too. Never shy to learn something new, ask questions, bold and proud to be on the cutting edge for anything new – I was sure to tackle any challenge because Adaptability gave me the ability to handle ANY change…. Maximizer – I am always committed 100 % – in everything I do – all or nothing. There is no level in between. And I know I better safe my energy if I won’t get a great result. Status Quo is never enough for me. Connectedness is a guiding star as well for a long time – I saw so many connections between things, between behaviors and results, people… I love this talent. As I love all of them ;-) Activator – a strong one as well – Let’s get started – for myself and the teams I was working with. Let’s learn along the way we are going – there will always be the chance to adjust. ( Theme dynamic with Learner …) Belief – my train tracks. I know we all have a mission on this planet – and the more I know and everyone else knows what their purpose is – the more powerful and positive our life can be. Woo – I’m anything else but shy. It’s a game for me to connect – it’s so much fun and I love to approach strangers with my smile – and make connections…

We are missing Empathy and Developer. And here may be the point I can work on….. I’ll share more tomorrow…

Life is wonderful and great – if you are courageous to see what is working and what not. You are just responsible for your own behavior and actions. Not for others. Let’s talk tomorrow some more.

With that let’s sum up what I did to reconnect with my soul:

  1. CliftonStrengths – reflection on my Top 10 Talent Themes.

  2. Again light food and lots of water and unsweetened tea.

  3. Time and patience with myself.

  4. Music – soft music for my soul – love songs….

  5. Meditation and Yoga.

  6. Conscious breathing techniques.

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