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What was in it for me? What is my take away? What will I do differently after this week? Retreat wit

Yes – I have to admit it. I would love to stay in this place. But – we are part of a system. And we have to embrace it that we can’t ignore reality. The question here is – what exactly was so good that I’d prefer staying here? And how could I possibly take these insights and transfer them into my “normal life”.

After another peaceful night, my day today started a little later. It was around 8:30 a.m. that I got out of bed and started the day with Snoopy – again at the beach. Time to breathe, time to practice mindfulness, time to reconnect.

I got back and after another warm shower and a light breakfast, my laptop was waiting for me. My goal for today: Reflection!

What was in it for me? What is my take away? What will I do differently after this week?

I should have done it earlier. I should do it again. I’m still connected with me.

My book was the excuse I needed to get away. But fact is – I just needed to get away. And in future, I won’t need an excuse anymore.

Being bound in a system leaves not really the space for a deep self reflection. I have the discipline for every days reflections. You,too. Yoga, breathing, mindfulness. 20 or 30 minutes. For sure this is not enough time to understand the why, what and how. And I doubt it offers the safe place to let go of every single expectation. The safe place you need to accept your vulnerability. This is my first big A-Ha.

The next A-Ha for me is the fact that this retreat will have an impact in how I will deal with my future. And maybe what I can share.

You have a strong inner voice. She is always there with you. She is always talking to you. Every second of your life. And the longer you’ll ignore her, the stronger she will become. You’ll never be ready. As in really ready. As long as you’ll say to yourself: I’m not ready – you won’t be ready. But sooner or later you’ll have to listen and accept what your brain ignored over years. Feelings are facts. Even if the reason for your “ignorance” may be self protection – eventually there will come the moment you have to act. Just let me tell you: you’ll be ready. You have everything in you to walk your road of life.

The intensity and consistency of all the techniques I used over the last week supported the effectiveness of this retreat as a powerful crunch . They kept me focused and motivated – they created the framework I needed in this time of uncertainty! Because I entered a space I have never been in. I entered my true self. And it is very empowering to meet a new layer of your personality.

What now? What is my goal? And what is one action I will hold myself accountable for?

I will include a higher level of self awareness in my actions and behaviors. How? By asking myself in my daily self reflection : Is this what I want? Are my boundaries in place?

I hope something was in it for you, too. I had the time of my life and I’m really grateful I could find my true self. And I will make sure I won’t loose it again :-)

With that let’s sum up what I did to reconnect with my soul:

  1. Continue the routine. In a time of uncertainty give yourself a framework you can rely on.

  2. Practice mindfulness – mindful walking, mindful drinking, mindful breathing.

  3. Journal – keep the focus on what you want and how your life should look like.

  4. Keep your brain busy with positive thoughts – and your brain won’t have the space to create negative thoughts.

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