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ENJOY will be life June 27th, 2017

I still can’t believe it – it’s real. The deepest gratitude is in my heart.

Tomorrow, June 27th, 2017 ENJOY will be live! You are on a very special list to be one of the first people to know that my book is like life- it’s so much more fun to celebrate it together than alone.

Why did I write ENJOY?

My heart has always wondered why so many people are stressed for no reason (that is how I experienced it). I would ask myself that question a lot. This behavior of stress can cause pain in individuals and those around them because stress can change how individuals interact with one another.

Why should others suffer because of one person’s unnecessary stress and negativity? I feel that there is ignorance of human uniqueness in almost every human being. So many people are not willing to be courageous and celebrate the own “craziness” and “beauty.” Instead, many people compare themselves to others and focus on the outside; what others think is more important than their own beliefs.


Why don’t people have self-esteem or self-love, especially if ignoring their own uniqueness is one of the biggest stress factors? In the introduction of my book, I share the following sentence with my readers: “I am convinced that each person's uniqueness holds the key to their burning desire and capabilities to ENJOY life to the fullest. It is this- your own human uniqueness- that contains the unbeatable power to conquer any challenge and any stress that may come your way.”

ENJOY is my contribution for this world to become a better place. The ENJOY process is a process to celebrate human uniqueness and inspire people to start to celebrate themselves. ENJOY is a process that will help people create their unique self-development plan:E – Embrace who you areN – Nurture what you haveJ – Jump to create your life and your plan you can lean intoO – Optimize the system you used to call your system – optimize sleep, nutrition and time managementY – YOU – everything starts and ends with you – create self-awareness.

So, let’s celebrate!!!!

In addition to celebrating with you, I am in need of your help. This is a book for which many people deserve to have. It will give them hope and completely new perspective on stress.

But how will they become aware of this book?

In the world of publishing, the more sales and positive reviews a book have, the faster othersfind and purchase it, too. I need your support to help me increase my visibility on Amazon. With your help, this book can get onto the “Amazon Hot New Releases” list. If you’re able and willing to help me out in this way, please use the “secret” link below to grabthe Kindle version* for just 99 cents today or tomorrow.

Afterward, if you are willing, please leave a kind, honest review on Amazon. J Here are a few ideas that might help you with your review: Simply share your opinion about the book and how I've presented the story soothers can determine if they should read it as well.Make a few notes to yourself as you read the book so it's easy to reference the sectionsthat have the greatest impact on you.Quote a sentence or two from the book. Don't forget to title your review! As a big thank you, you will receive a huge discount (50% off) of the paperback version which will be released in about 1-2 weeks.

Thank you so so much!

Hugs and love,


P.S. It would be most helpful if you could post your review in the next 48 hours.

P.P.S. If you don’t have a Kindle device or a Kindle app on your tablet, you can get a FREE Kindlereader on Amazon when you purchase the book. If you prefer, I can send you a PDF instead..

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