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You Are The Universe #CliftonStrengths Summit

Who are you? What is special about you? What do you love about yourself? What do other people enjoy about you?

You should know this - because you are the Universe!


No one besides you will ever know what is good for you! No one will ever know what makes you really happy. No one will ever know how you see the world, how you make decisions and how you get your life organized! It's all about you. Because you are the Universe - you are your Universe! Other people can give suggestions - but nothing else. Why is it that we place the opinion of the people around us higher than our own?

Self confidence? Self awareness? Self worth?

One of the many highlights during the 2nd CliftonStrengths Summit in Omaha was the keynote of #DeepakChopra. And his topic was - "You are the Universe". He shared a lot of beautiful things - but what stuck with me was his reminder of the fact that our brilliant uniqueness is not really celebrated!

Why is that?

  1. There is no class in school teaching it!

  2. Our parents could not explain this to us and of course didn't show it to us!

  3. We are still trying to fix weaknesses instead of focusing on what is right in people!

So - what can we do?

  • Continue using old behaviors ???????

  • Create a system where awareness of human uniqueness is explained and celebrated and strengthen it with our own natural behavior.

We didn't have the language to explain human uniqueness - now we have it.

Because of not having this language for many years, there was created a lot of misunderstanding and pain!

Let's stop this right now - let's use CliftonStrengths and the language of strengths to create a new system. This system will help us to understand our brilliant uniqueness.


  • The world and every human being can add their own color to the daily routines.

  • By knowing more about yourself you will find the places and jobs you are looking for.

  • By knowing more about yourself you will find clarity on your own - without suggestions from outside.

  • By knowing more about yourself you will have the words for your kids to become a confident human being.

  • You will no longer be dependent on the good will of others - but you are confident enough to ask for help if you need it.

  • The awareness of our uniqueness will give us reasons enough to celebrate and confirm us - WE ARE THE UNIVERSE!!!

You are the Universe - get started and use the super power you have. How? I'll share more with you in my next blog!

All the best,


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