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The Book

Enjoy – A new approach to Stress and Burnout Prevention

ENJOY stands for a process that I have developed to deal "differently" with the topics of stress and burnout. It is a process that redefines stress and burnout prevention! Simple - comprehensible - effective! Start today!

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  • Nicole has developed a simple but life-changing method: ENJOY. The process she developed helps you identify what makes you who you are and exactly how you can leverage human uniqueness and talents to create more effective teams.

    Chris Cummings, CEO

  • The ENJOY process will enable you to see the meaning of stress in a new way. It provides a clear guide to how human talents can be used to prevent stress and instead allow you to successfully navigate your way.

    Dan Leask, Career Coach

  • The ENJOY Process describes an anecdote about stress and burnout. You won't want to put this book down. Recognize who you are and find the courage to live your life. It will change your world.

    Mary Ann Rivers, Business and Leadership Coach

Set of Cards

Initiate and lead valuable conversations

Whether at the dinner table with family, at the beginning of a meeting, during one-on-one conversations with team members – you can use any moment to start valuable conversations.

The card set includes 50 cards, each with a different question that inspires reflection, laughter, connection and inspiration. Now everyone can start having conversations that are valuable and new. Learn things from people you may not have thought about yourself. Find answers to questions you haven't had before. 

50 conversation cards in a conveniently beautiful metal box

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